Warning From Alicante Tyres - Beware If Buying Tyres From Northern European Countries..

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Published: 17th January 2011
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Fast Fit Tyres the Costa Blanca's online mobile tyre fitting service is warning all its potential customers here on the Costa Blanca in Alicante of the problems involved when you buy and have tyres fitted to your car that come from northern european countries like Germany or the U.K.

As explained to Fast Fit owners Martin Kyme from Scotland and Kim Lowenstein from Denmark by Alejo Calatayud, the managing director of the massive Insaturbo retread plant in Aspe, Alicante which belongs to the parent company Neumaticos Soledad " for obvious reasons to do with the climate, tyres made for use in hot countries and tyres made for use in cold countries are made using a different process and are also made using different prime materials", this basically means that if you buy your tyres for example from Germany or the U.K and you are having them fitted to your car for use hear in spain then unfortunately what you are going to find is that not only are your tyres going to last half the time they should do but you will also find that these tyres will not be performing as well as far as traction and grip is concerned. So what you seemed to think was a good idea in saving some money buying these tyres from the internet or having them fitted by some garage here that has had them shipped over from the U.K or Germany turns out to be a much more expensive tyre simply because it doesent last as long. But the more serious problem than just the money you are actually wasting having these inferiour tyres fitted to your car here on the sweltering Costa Blanca is the simple fact that these tyres made for cold use countries will basically not keep your car on the road like a spanish use made tyre will.

Although it is not illegal to buy or sell tyres from the cold north we at Fast Fit Tyres do think it is highly Immoral and potentially dangerous and think that the unsuspecting public do have a right to know this information. Fast Fit Tyres insist in supplying and fitting only tyres either made in Spain or made for use in Spain. So, something to think about when deciding where to buy your tyres.

This article can be fully backed up and confirmed by Alejo Calatayud, Managing Director of the Insaturbo retread plant. Neumaticos Soledad have been established and operating for more than 50 years, they sell and export tyres to all parts of the world and Fast Fit Tyres are extremly proud to have a close working relationship with such a reputable company.

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